Incarnation Academy

We believe early childhood is a crucial time to develop skills that children carry with them into the future to be successful students in school and in life. Our goal at Incarnation Academy is to provide a child-centered academic and developmentally appropriate approach to learning.

We provide a safe, engaging, collaborative and creative atmosphere for learning. Our school is set within the faith of the Christian Church as expressed in the Episcopal tradition and as practiced at the Church of the Incarnation.

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About our Classrooms

Toddlers (12-24 mos)

The toddler program is focused on helping our youngest students learn that the world is exciting and fun-filled. Out teachers provide opportunities for out toddlers to learn social skills, experience creativity, participate in language exploration and practice gross motor skills. We create a classroom full of music, manipulatives, sensory exploration and books. Our toddlers will be introduced to early phonics and math skill through developmentally appropriate activities.

2 Year Olds

Our two-year-classrooms provide opportunities for our students to explore, read, sing, create and practice independence in the classroom. We offer a play enriched environment while at the same time integrating developmentally appropriate readiness skills incorporated within the child’s play. The curriculum themes engage them in learning about the world around them and introduce them to academic concepts that will build a strong learning foundation. Our two-year-olds participate in the following special weekly activities: Spanish, Kinderfit, Music, Library, and Chapel.

Pre-K 3

Our Pre-K 3 class is a play-based program designed to begin building a strong academic foundation. These students are engaged in theme-related activities that include the introduction of letter and number recognition. This class focuses on strengthening fine motor muscles through handwriting and scissor skills. Our students are introduced to the world around them through our Weekly Reader program. The Pre-K 3 program participates in Kinderfit, Spanish, music, chapel and library. They also go on field trips related to their themes. Our goal is for all Pre-K 3 students to love school and the process of learning.

Pre-K 4

Our Pre-K 4 class is an extension of our Pre-K 3 program with the goal of preparing our students to be successful in Kindergarten. Our Pre-K 4 program is built upon the Saxon Early Learning Program. This program is a comprehensive, fully integrated curriculum. The theme- related activities incorporate the following content areas: Literacy, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Our Pre-K 4 students engage in self-directed learning centers that engage them in the process of learning. We continue the Weekly Reader Program in the Pre-K 4 class. These students also participate in Kinderfit, Spanish, music, chapel and library. They also go on field trips related to their themes.


Built upon the warm and loving environment of our preschool, our Kindergarten students will be challenged, supported and inspired to reach their full potential. Our Kindergarten Program is built upon the continuation of the Saxon Curriculum with a focus on their Math and Phonics program. The Science and Social Studies curriculum will engage the students in the learning process through real life experiences. Through activities that allow them to explore their individual capabilities and their role in the world around them, our kindergartners will build an academic foundation that will last a lifetime. In addition to the classroom activities and playground time, our Kindergarteners will participate in Spanish, music, Kinderfit, chapel and library.
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