Adult Sunday School Classes


in the Great Hall

MARCH 9: Carrie Boren, How Do We Know Jesus is God’s Son?
MARCH 16: Fr. Paul Wheatley, The Lord’s Prayer (with Canterbury Trail)
MARCH 23: Dr. George Westhaver, Edward Pusey
MARCH 30: Bishop Stanton, Prayer
APRIL 6: Fr. Joe Hermerding, Prayer
APRIL 13 (PALM SUNDAY): Fr. Joe Hermerding, Prayer

On the Canterbury Trail

Location: Choir Rehearsal Room

An Introduction to the Christian Belief, the Sacraments, Worship and the Life of Prayer. This class serves as preparation for all adults who wish to be baptized and/or confirmed. » More info

Leaders: Fr. Paul Wheatley (email) and Jacob Bottom (email)

Young Adults Sunday School

Location: Welcome Center

If you’ve ever longed for spiritual transformation but thought it too difficult in the midst of a busy professional and social life – this class is for you. This spring we’ll study The Gospel of Mark and explore what this exciting narrative has to say about following Jesus in the 21st Century.

Leader: Ryan Casey Waller (email)

Family Matters

Location: Marmion Conference Room

This class will conduct a year-long study of the book of Acts with specific applications to families and relationships. We will focus teaching and discussion on real-life applications using the message of the first century church as they expanded the Kingdom. Family Matters is open to all with a specific emphasis on building community for families, strengthening family relationships, and building a fellowship of supportive believers.

Leaders: Dr. Ben Albritton, Psychologist and Ken Van Swearingen, Licensed Professional Counselor

The Cost of Non-Discipleship: Can You Afford It?

Location: Room 114 (across from Outreach)

The call to follow Christ is neither a call to be religious nor a call to be a church member, though we may be both. This study is about discipleship: what it is and how we can take specific steps to grow in it; and it is about how empty our lives are—for ourselves and others— when we fail to grow as disciples. We will base our study on two classics which will hopefully draw us to follow Christ more fully: Dallas Willard’s The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Letters and Papers from Prison. Willard, a respected and longtime professor in the philosophy department at the University of Southern California, gives us concrete ways to learn and grow in the disciplines of discipleship. Bonhoeffer, a German pastor who was executed by the Nazis in 1945 for his complicity in the plot to assassinate Hitler, is perhaps one of the most dramatic modern examples of surrendering all to follow Christ. Please join the journey toward a deeper discipleship in following Christ, our Lord.

Leader: Cynthia and David Krause

Letters From The Pope – A Study of I & II Peter

Location: Great Hall Dining Room

Tradition tells us that Saint Peter was the first pope of the Christian Church. His two epistles found in the New Testament were written to the early churches in Asia Minor. It was a time of pending persecution and suffering that would shortly be experienced by those early believers. Saint Peter attempts to prepare them for the dark days ahead by urging them to maintain an eternal perspective and to stand firm in their own personal faith. Come see how God has and is using these epistles to strengthen and encourage His own.

Leader: Robert Perkins (email)


in Memorial Chapel

How the Bible Changed the World:
The Interpretation of the Bible and its Impact on History

with Kevin Dodge, ThM, MBA

The Bible is often a difficult set of books to interpret. Written thousands of years ago into a middle eastern culture reflecting different values, tastes and outlooks than ours, the Bible can be a bewildering document. Yet, it is also the most read, pondered, criticized and commented on work in history. This class will explore how different interpretations of certain key Biblical texts led to convulsive changes in the world. We will see how these interpretations resulted in significant transformations of our views of money, authority, sex, salvation, slavery and war.

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