News & Notes

On Repentance

Fr. Joe Hermerding recounts a time when he learned about repentance by serving at a prison. » Read Between Sunday

Images of Advent

A few parishioners share the images of Advent that have helped them visualize Christ’s coming this year. » Read Between Sundays

Photo: Construction Update #6

Our December update from the builders features construction photos and progress highlights. » Read Update

Thanks Be To God

Beecherl-Corrigan Fellow Julia Powers shares thoughts on learning to say “thanks be to God” no matter the circumstances. » Read Between Sundays

Photo: Construction Update #5

Our November update from the builders features construction photos and progress highlights. » Read Update

Digesting Scripture? The Practice of Rumination

Deacon Chris Yoder reflects on a prayer from last Sunday, which calls us to “inwardly digest” the holy Scriptures. » Read Between Sundays

Gimme Some Truth … I Think: What to do when the Bible frustrates you

Young adults minister Ryan Waller explores the frustration — and the freedom — found in facing an uncomfortable passage of Scripture. » Read Between Sundays

Music Notes (Oct 12)

Learn more about upcoming Eucharist and Evensong selections by Edward Elgar and Edward Cuthbert Bairstow in our traditional worship services. » More info

Johnston: Pursuit of Christian Enlightenment

Fr. Bob sees St. Paul demonstrate a life-long study of God’s Word in the final reading of Uptown’s “Last Lecture” series. » Read Between Sundays

Waller: An iPhone Walked into a Church

Young Adults minister Ryan Waller wants to bottle the goodness and sanctity we experience at Incarnation and share it online. » Read Between Sundays

Methvin: Hearing God for Yourself

Some opt for “overhearing” God through others instead of hearing for themselves. Fr. Greg offers steps to change that. » Read Between Sundays

Photo: Construction Update #4

A long-scheduled improvement project for McKinney Avenue storm drains made its way to our section of McKinney this week.. » Read Update

Johnston: The Last Lecture

Fr. Bob Johnston offers further thoughts and questions about the verses from 2 Timothy that he explored on Sunday. » Read Between Sundays

Photo: Construction Update #3

Most of the utilities impeding progress have been successfully relocated and more than 40 piers have been placed in position. » Read Update

Brooks: Sensing the Holy Spirit

Uptown music director Justin Brooks recalls feeling the presence of God for the first time — at an ’80s Carman concert. » Read Between Sundays

Photo: Construction Update #2

Piers for the new Worship space are being formed and poured, and excavation on the basement for the Education Building is reaching the bottom. Read update!

Photos: Construction Update #1

Have you noticed the new fence? How about those great piles of dirt and the small armada of tractors? See photos and read our first construction update!

Photos: Moms and Mimosas

Did you have a family photo taken during our Mother’s Day event? Your complimentary photos are now available via SmugMug — divided by Groups 1, 2 and 3.

Methvin: Phone-y Faith

Fr. Greg’s Between Sundays blog this week suggests ways to connect with the power of the Holy Spirit in our 4G, high-speed world. » Read Between Sundays

Photos: The Sacred Triduum

Scott Cantrell photographed our Holy Week services: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Great Vigil of Easter. » View photo gallery on Facebook

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