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DGNM’s mission is to help our volunteers find spiritual growth through personal service in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We assist those in need who are working or capable of working and actively seeking a job. The DGNM provides personal contact and assistance to those who live in the geographical vicinity of the Church of the Incarnation (75204 zip code), to members of our parish family, or to people who have encountered our parishioners anywhere in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Our ministry recognizes that service to our brother or sister in need is an encounter with Jesus. We seek to provide relief while upholding the dignity and confidentiality of those we assist and, hopefully, we leave our client with the reciprocal impression that they have also encountered Our Lord in our mutual contact.

When asked why he volunteers as a counselor, Stuart Bush says:

“As we strive to be Disciples of Christ, we find ourselves ever seeking to obey His Divine commandments. As He showed us in Matthew Chapter 25, we must be good stewards and use His resources to do what have become the Corporal Works of Mercy of the Church: to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, visit the sick and imprisoned. And as he told us in verse 40, we encounter the very face of Jesus as we look in the face of another in misfortune and have compassion on him/her.”


We provide episodic financial assistance to the working poor outside our parish family and to anyone in our parish family who has a valid need for financial assistance. We can also provide nominal manpower when needed for certain tasks, and we are sometimes able to assist through consultation and advocacy. We also ensure that intercessory prayer is made on behalf of the client in need.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers typically handle one case every one, two or three months, depending upon a volunteer’s schedule. Each case requires one to two hours of the volunteer’s time on average. Volunteers work in pairs. The work is done on a day and time that is mutually convenient for the other volunteer on a particular case, as well as the case client. The time commitment varies from case to case. We also have bi-monthly or quarterly meetings of the entire ministry one evening at the parish for about an hour and a half. Volunteers are encouraged (but not required) to jointly attend one Noon Healing Mass each month.

Volunteer Needs

Serve as a Dick Granger counselor
Spanish speaking translator

Contact Stuart Bush (email) if you would like to get involved or have questions about this ministry.

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