The Beecherl Corrigan Fellows Program

The Beecherl Corrigan Fellows Program is a Christian leadership development program for recent college graduates who seek to build Christ’s kingdom in their future vocations. The program is based at Church of the Incarnation, a flourishing parish located in Dallas, Texas.

The nine-month program has grown out of an awareness that many young people today desire the spiritual development necessary to become part of the next generation of Christ-centered leaders in the marketplace, in ministry, in their families and in their communities. The Beecherl Corrigan Fellows program provides a forum for young people to become firmly rooted in Christ while learning to live cohesive lives of faith in all areas of their lives.

Program elements

Fellows will engage in the life of Church of the Incarnation where they learn, serve, and are inspired to live an integrated life of faith. The local parish provides the physical and spiritual sustenance for the individual and communal Christian life.

Fellows will be placed in a 3-day per week job placement in the career field to which they aspire.

In conjunction with a local seminary, Fellows will complete one graduate level seminary course per semester for credit.

Fellows will be assigned a mature Christian mentor to meet with once per week.

Community Living
Fellows will live in communal housing and be trained on building a common spiritual life, bearing other’s burdens, honesty, and reconciling disputes.

Service to the Poor
In conjunction with the Mission & Outreach Department at Incarnation, Fellows will be placed in a parish outreach program where they will serve weekly in a sustained ministry to build relationships with the poor.

Service to the Parish
Fellows will be assigned to various departments in the parish to assist with program development and to gain ministry experience.

Worship Leadership
Fellows will be trained and deployed in various lay worship leadership positions to further their spiritual development.

Program impact

The Beecherl Corrigan Fellows program at Incarnation seeks to produce intensely formed young disciples of Jesus Christ who would have significant impact on their local parish, as well as the Church nationally and internationally. Fellows will graduate from the program formed in habits of reconciliation, mentoring, service to the poor and Church, ongoing spiritual growth, and worship leadership.

Some Fellows will sense a call to ministry during the program. However, others will be called to secular employment and will provide much needed lay leadership to the Church locally, or wherever they settle.

The Fellows Initiative: Start Well

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