Middle School (6th-8th grade)

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The Middle School Ministry is focused on helping students get connected — by building relationships with other students and equipping students to grow in their faith of Christ. If you are looking for a positive experience in a church with strong biblical teaching, look no further. Whether you are new, a regular, or just visiting, join us each Sunday and throughout the week.

Confirmation (6th grade)

Sun, 10:20 am in Family Ministries Room

Knowing what you believe and why you believe it is of the utmost importance as a Christian. Confirmation will answer students’ questions about God, the Bible, and church tradition. It is more than a Sunday morning class; it is a program that helps students get connected with Christ, other students, and Middle School Ministry.

Studying the New Testament: This Spring, Confirmation will be studying the Christ, the people, the stories, and the truths of the New Testament. The New Testament Study establishes a discipleship framework that helps them know Christ, become contributing servants in the community of faith, and engage their culture.

Sunday School (7th-8th grade)

Sun, 10:20 am in The Porch (Boys); The Studio (Girls)

Middle School Students meet in the Porch for large group then break off into their classes. Girls go to the Studio (upstairs) and Boys remain in the Porch.

Studying the The Least of These: No matter where you go in this world, you’ll find poverty and suffering. And for many, this is one of the main reasons for rejecting God. “Why would God allow suffering?” The curriculum helps your students answer this question, and much more. The Least of These helps your students understand why poverty exists, what God expects them to do about it, and the hope of a God-delivered future with no suffering.

Middle School Youth Group (6th-8th grade)

Sun, 5 pm in The Flat (upstairs Youth Area)

Christians were never meant to live out their faith alone but were designed for relationships. Middle School Youth Group is the place to be — don’t miss the games, skits, videos, worship music, exploring the Bible and hanging out with friends.

Coming this spring big CHANGES to MSYG! Don’t miss the EXPERIENCE!

• Format will change to Camp style
• HS leadership team will serve at MSYG
• MORE worship and special programming
• Variety will be added to the concession stand

Volunteers Needed

The Youth Ministry relies heavily on parents and volunteers to ensure the success of our programs. Ways to serve:

Middle School Youth Group: Sundays 5-6:45 pm
Table Leader: Sundays 10:20-11:05 am
Event Volunteer: (see Middle School listings)

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