Uptown Contemporary Service

Hello, We are Uptown!

Many people today don’t connect with church. They’re still looking for a place to call home. They have a hard time connecting how this ancient faith impacts their present reality. The Uptown community at Church of the Incarnation seeks to reach out to people where they are by engaging in a community where:

• People love God and love each other without holding anything back.
• People who are searching for answers can come, ask honest questions, and find Truth.
• People seek wholeheartedly to attach their lives to God’s story of redemption, as told in the Old and New Testaments.

• Broken people are in the process of becoming whole through the power of the Gospel.
• People no longer hide their failures, but are authentically known by others.
• People are not only changed by The Good News, but are sent out to live it, by actively doing justice, seeking out the places people are falling through the cracks of society, and giving them help and hope.

A Place to Belong

Imagine that you’re looking very closely at a picture on a wall. Then someone tells you to take a few steps back. When you do, you realize that this picture was actually a part of a much larger mosaic, depicting a greater image of a much greater story. This is the job of the church—to show us that we are called to belong to something much larger than ourselves. We are designed by God to share life with each other. This principle guides our worship and the identity of who we are as the people of God. We think you’ll find something restorative about singing together, reading scripture together, praying together, confessing our brokenness, and taking Communion together.

Encountering God’s Good News

Scripture tells the story of two people walking down the road to Emmaus, hopeless and discouraged, when suddenly they encounter the Risen Lord in the word and the breaking of bread. They are filled with joy and hope. In the same way, we seek to encounter the Risen Lord on a weekly basis that transforms us by:

• Having An Organic Connection to the Church throughout History
• Communal Prayer, Confession, Scripture-Reading
• Singing the Songs of the Church in a Modern Style

• Engaging and Relevant Sermons
• Experiencing Christ in Communion

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