What is Uptown Music?

1 Chronicles 15:16-16:36 makes it clear that music is one of the main ways God has selected for his people to worship Him.

Musicians among the people of God are called to be ministers that guide us to a place where The Church can praise, worship, give thanks, and “make a joyful noise” to our Lord.

Church of the Incarnation has been blessed with the ability to offer praise in two distinct musical styles, but with the same goal of calling us to put complete focus on Christ. One is a time-honored tradition at Incarnation of a classical approach, using organ and choir. The other style, in which Uptown has chosen to engage, incorporates guitars, piano, bass, drums, loops, various stringed instruments, and a vast array of other unique instruments.

The reason we worship in this way is because God placed in the hearts of the leaders at Incarnation a vision to reach this current generation and the surrounding Uptown area, and the Holy Spirit has used this particular style of music to inspire a majority of this generation to a place of worship.

Simply put, it is a personal preference of a certain musical approach and way of leading.

We do not believe that our style is the only way to worship God, but a way. The end goal is that the songs we sing would be for the glory of God and not entertainment, theologically sound, lead us to a true place of worship where the triune God is praised, and the Holy Spirit can speak clearly and point us to living our lives in the pattern of The Gospel.

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