Mission Improbable: How the Gospel Set the World on Fire

What have we learned so far?

Bishop Anthony Burton explores what it all means to this point and offers a look at what is to come.

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The Acts of the Apostles

The Original Adventure Classic in the Bible

There are shipwrecks and snakebites, riots and resurrections as well as prison breaks and precarious journeys. At every turn, it seems like the young Christian movement, called the Way, will face imminent collapse at the hands of hostile powers, insecure religious leaders and unscrupulous business people. Yet, somehow, the Church survives, grows and prospers. Nothing can stop the proclamation of the Gospel to “the ends of the earth” because the Spirit of God is behind it.

Although the Acts of the Apostles is a timeless classic, modern readers sometimes encounter difficulties understanding parts of it. Why does the story of Paul’s conversion appear three different times with different details? Why does Peter, supposedly the founder of the Church, disappear halfway through, never to be heard from again? Why do women play such prominent roles in the Church and why is one (Tabitha) called a “disciple”? Why are Christians always insisting they are not trying to overthrow Caesar, but manage to incite civil unrest wherever they go? Are speaking in tongues, healings and other charismatic gifts still valid today?

Written from a distinctly Anglican perspective, this guide will help you read Acts well. With fresh translations, brief explanations of the text and thought-provoking reflection questions, the book of Acts will come alive like never before. With an investment of just ten minutes a day, you will not only encounter the Bible in a deeper way, but will strengthen your faith as well.

Acts Timeline

Click the thumbnail above to view a larger image or download the Acts Timeline (PDF, 972kb).

Opportunities to Study Acts

Sunday Preaching in all services

The Church was the most improbable of missions, but her success was no accident. In all Sunday worship services, you will learn how the first Christians set up the Church, the challenges they overcame, and how the work of the church is our work.

An at-home daily guide book by Kevin Dodge

It’s not too late to get your copy of Mission Improbable: How the Gospel Set the World on Fire. It’s available on Amazon or in the Bookstore on October 1. This distinctly Anglican devotional was written by our very own Kevin Dodge, specifically for our parish. Join us as we read along!

Adult Sunday School
    Great Hall, Kevin Dodge
    Explore how the “Good News” proclaimed in Acts is really a re-reading of several key OT texts in light of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension.
    Education Bldg., Room 115, Mtr. Samira Izadi Page
    Discover how you are a part of God’s mission just like the apostles and first disciples in the book of Acts.
    Education Bldg., Room 119, Michael Sturdy
    A look at how the apostolic Church learned to make decisions amid socio-cultural upheaval, with applications for us today.
Adult Weekday Classes
    Wednesdays at 9:30 am
    Education Bldg., Room 205, Chris Adams

    Includes a weekly study guide and small group discussion.
    Mondays at 11:30 am
    Education Bldg., Room 205, Kevin Dodge

    A discussion on the book of Acts —get your questions answered. Bring a brown bag lunch.
    Tuesdays at noon
    Education Bldg., Room 119, Carl Anderson

    Explore the sermons in Acts to see how they challenge us today to love God, engage with Scripture, and join him on his mission.
Growth Groups

Adults gather to study Acts, pray and fellowship this fall around Dallas.
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Children Sunday School

Kids through 5th grade will learn about how the first Christians set up the Church and how these early disciples began the mission we are called to carry out.

Video Presentations

Be sure to sign up for eNews so that you receive links to insightful and educational videos that explain the books of Acts in a concise and meaningful way.

How the Gospel Set the World on Fire
A sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles