Alberto Aguillon

Eleven years ago Alberto Aguillon came to Incarnation as a part-time employee. Now the Head Sexton, Alberto is an essential background player of the church. “He is here to make other people shine. His is a purpose driven life. Alberto sees his role as part of preparing the foundation for people to connect with God,” says fellow staff member Steve Marr.

Before coming to Incarnation, Alberto never dreamed he would work in a church. For 15 years, he tended bar in nightclubs and admittedly rarely thought about God. All that has changed now—“I think of Him always; I feel closer to him and at peace in my life. I never liked to talk about God before. Now I find myself encouraging my family when one of them has a big problem. I tell them God is with us and can help us find peace.”

Every morning, without exception, Alberto enters the Memorial Chapel to spend a few quiet moments with God—to thank Him for another day, his job, his life, and his health. He moves along throughout the day setting up rooms, preparing coffee, organizing and maintaining resources, inspecting the cleanliness of the campus, and supporting staff needs; for the most part without direction from anyone. After all, he is highly self-motivated, and his standards for excellence exceed most expectations.

“There are a lot of new people at the church who do not know me. And there are long-time members, like Helen Walters, who have known me since the day I started. She will greet me with a warm smile and a hug and ask me about my sister. When I lost my mother five years ago, being in this house of God really helped me. I was angry at first, and Father Matthew helped me understand that part of life is death and sometimes we are not prepared for that. I still feel the pain of the loss of my mother, but I have befriended the pain and keep on living as best I can. When priests like Father Matthew return to Incarnation they say, ‘Alberto! How are you?’ It makes me feel good and a part of this community.”

When you see Alberto at the church late at night, he is likely long since been off the clock. He lives close by and is constantly checking in on this place like a dear friend. He looks after us and takes his responsibility seriously. Most of us do not really understand the deep and abiding love Alberto has for this church. It is humbling and real.

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