Elizabeth & Joel Steed

Christmas at Incarnation has been a life-long family tradition. My brother and I continued to bring our families here as a way to honor our parents after they passed away. Though my husband, Joel, and I attended a Baptist church in Rockwall regularly, I started to feel called away. However, since faith has always been such an important part of our marriage, I would attend church with him first and then drive south to worship a second time with my brother at Incarnation. Once Joel completed his commitment to teach Sunday School at our previous church, he joined me here. We sensed a real movement of the spirit. That was three years ago. We have since moved away from Rockwall to be closer to Incarnation.

Church really is the center of our life.  I grew up Episcopalian—my father was a priest—so returning to the traditional service was a real homecoming. Joel’s background in the Baptist church has led him to be a true student of the Book of Common Prayer. He appreciates the intellectual and historical approach to worship. We are still trying to figure out exactly how the Holy Spirit wants us to serve here, because we know we have been called to this church.

Incarnation is so Christ-centered—I love that. One Thanksgiving, I volunteered to stuff sacks of groceries for families in the neighborhood. A priest came to lead us in prayer and dedicate our work to the Lord. It changed my whole perspective on what we were doing. It became a moment of worship for me.

Giving has been the biggest blessing to us. Seeing kids benefit from programs like Angel Tree, Reading Buddies, and Incarnation House is a reminder of why we make our sacrifices. Joel and I recognize the gifts of our lives are ours only by God’s grace. When we can give to a church that is so active in the community and see what’s going on—that is a privilege; not a chore.

Elizabeth & Joel Steed

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