Ines Hermoso & Javier Quintana

Before the birth of their son, Javier and Ines were living in Uptown, primarily focusing on their careers and traveling in their leisure time. Having a child changed all of that—“you need more faith because some things are just out of your control,” says Ines.

Juan Pablo was the catalyst for their journey at Incarnation.

As a one year old, Juan Pablo was enrolled at Incarnation Academy where Miss Micah and the other teachers were fast becoming a support network for Javier and Ines, providing them with the tools to become better parents. They knew they wanted to baptize Juan Pablo but the logistics were difficult as their families live abroad. Ultimately Javier and Ines decided to check out Church of the Incarnation and signed up for the baptism class with Father Joe. “His message really resonated with us. Life is about the spiritual formation of your children. It’s not about just you anymore,” says Ines. 

Since their families live abroad, the people of Incarnation Academy and the church filled a longing for support and close relationships. Ines says ‘The teachers ask us if we’re going to church on Sunday. It’s like they are our cheerleaders.  Juan Pablo has friends, like Sam, from school that also attends the church. We are making friends too—it’s nice when it works out that way.  We can all support one another.”

Church on Sunday is a quiet time for Javier and Ines—it is how they reset each week. “The priests have a way of delivering God’s message so that we can connect it with our daily lives. That is very different from the traditional Catholic churches we attended growing up,” they share.

Friends and family, many of which were not necessarily practicing their faith, traveled to Dallas for Juan Pablo’s baptism. “We were so pleased to hear how they loved Incarnation—the music, the people, the energy of this place.”  Now when they talk to their friends about Incarnation, Javier tells them “just come; It’s fun. We think you’ll take something away, but if you don’t, you don’t have to come back.”

“We used to think about whether or not we’d stay in Dallas. Now we wonder what would ever make us want to leave. We belong in this community.”

Ines Hermoso & Javier Quintana

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