James McFadyen

I was divorced in 2003 and moved to a garage apartment on Rawlins just behind Lemmon Avenue. I was paying no mind to religion and did not attend church regularly—honestly, at all.  Naturally, McKinney Avenue was an often-traveled road of mine. Passing the church always reminded me of the Church of England churches I attended when I was young, and where I’d been confirmed and served as an altar boy.

I felt a growing emptiness and a longing that I could not identify so I began stopping and sitting on the benches on the church grounds. There the sense of emptiness felt less overwhelming. The place was comforting and familiar.

Sporadically, I attended different churches and finally came to an Uptown service in the fall of 2009.  From that moment, I knew I’d found my church home. The Alpha course really solidified my faith. The life-long weight I’d carried was lifted, enabling me to grow immensely as a Christian and a human.

These days, I find myself eager to serve others in our community out of gratitude for God’s grace in my life. Serving meals, building homes, and cleaning up schools with the wonderful people of this parish have helped me see God’s work in the world.

I am in constant awe of the clergy and staff—their shared dedication, drive, and intelligence make all of this possible. The mission of Incarnation and how it is translated and transmitted to the congregation is exemplary. Incarnation transformed my life.

James McFadyen

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