Jeanie & Garry Leigh

About ten years ago, Jeanie and I were looking for a new church family, that shared our desire to love and care for those in need both nearby and globally. Several of our friends had already moved to Church of the Incarnation and spoke of their enthusiasm for the many outreach ministries and mission trip experiences as something we would support. How right they were!

Our family and the Incarnation family have really become one, and we could not be happier. Jeanie and our daughters love the contemporary Uptown services; while I find the traditional liturgy and choir particularly resonate with me. Having grown up with a Wurlitzer theater organ in our home, you can understand why Scott Dettra’s artistry is of real significance in my worship experience. Jeanie and the girls feel the same about Justin’s musicians and the vibe of Uptown, while we all think the sermons help us in our focus on being a parish inclusive of the neighborhoods on both sides of Central Expressway and around the world.

Because of our broadcast backgrounds, Jeanie and I have been happy to do whatever we can to support Incarnation House and the students with the music studio there. I’m blessed to end many days with those high school students singing, mixing, laying down beats and sharing their creativity while experiencing genuine love from the staff and volunteers committed to helping them realize their dreams.

When Jeanie, the girls and I began our search for a church family, we never imagined all of this in one church, and its effects here and abroad truly show how sharing God’s love without reservation can have a lasting impact on a world in need.

Jeanie & Garry Leigh

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