Megan Rain

Anyone who knows Megan Rain knows that she lives a life of joyful service rooted in the love of God—but like it is for most of us, there have been plenty of bumps along the road that generated concern and anxiety for Megan and her husband, Jim.

“Years ago, Jim and I went through the very difficult situation of having a child who was severely depressed. Though we sought all the medical help and treatment possible for our teen, we still were overwhelmed with feelings of fear and hopelessness. I remember several nights sleeping on the carpet outside our child’s door. I didn’t have the words to pray, so I just kept repeating, “God, please help. Please help.” During this time we weren’t in a small group, but knew we had Christian friends who would pray specifically for what our family most needed. I told them I didn’t have the words to pray, and they said ‘that’s okay, that is what your friends are for.’ So we entrusted these needs to God through our friends-many of whom continue to ask about this adult, over ten years later. Going through that trial when we weren’t in a small group or Bible study made us eager to find a new one. These challenges would have been so much easier to manage if we’d had a small group supporting us. I know when folks in a small group say they’ll pray for you, they will pray for you.

When we moved from our previous church of 26 years to Incarnation, we were encouraged to talk with Bishop Burton to see how we could fit in. He asked me how I liked to serve, and I said I’d always found fulfillment being a worker. Within days, Martha Lang, Executive Director of Mission & Outreach and Deacon Dorothy Budd took me out to lunch, and from there my sense of belonging at Incarnation blossomed.

As I discovered ways I could serve people in crisis and need through the many Outreach ministries, I felt my faith and service come together and felt God’s pleasure in that. I like to be the hands and feet of Jesus more than the spokesperson. I like to problem-solve—it makes me so happy to serve in that way. Helping under-served people has become a passion for me and is one of the ways I glorify Jesus.”

Grant us, that we, being delivered from the hand of our enemies, might serve him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our life.
Luke 1:74-75 RSV