Rosaline & Edwin Tench

Edwin Tench likes to contribute as much as he can to his home country of Belize. He was appointed Honorary Consul of Belize to the State of Texas.  About two years ago, his wife, Rosaline, was participating at a local women’s nonprofit event and met Alyce Heinrich. Alyce mentioned the missions and activities at her church. After that brief introduction, ‘Incarnation’ became the main topic.  Belize Mission was brought up, followed by an invitation from Alyce to visit her church. This was a well-timed invitation. Edwin, a Catholic from Belize, and Rosaline, an Episcopalian from the Republic of Panama, have since been convinced that they were ‘guided to Incarnation’.

Presently on a welcome team, Edwin and Rosaline recall how friendly and approachable parishioners and the clergy were on their initial visit. “Since that first day, I keep a list of names of the people I meet so I remember them the next Sunday,” says Rosaline.  Incarnation, in the midst of a building project, felt like home—a place truly all about the Lord.

Soon they approached Martha Lang, who leads our Mission & Outreach work, and together figured out ways the Tench’s connections in Belize could be useful to the mission work of the church. In one instance, Edwin interceded with a local engineer to facilitate the operational and administrative aspects of the Belize Rural Water Mission.

“A lot of times nonprofit volunteers do fantastic work. But we are missioners for Christ. A greater significance is revealed when people are assisted by the grace of God for the glory of God. That is how Christ is known. As we continue to do this in Belize, we are doing the work of the Lord.”

Incarnation nourished Edwin and Roseline in a way that exceeded their experience at previous churches and closed a loop in their spiritual lives. By attending church and studying the Word between Sundays, they seek to discern God’s purpose in their lives. They have found a variety of ways to share the gifts God has granted them and continue to make many friends.

“The Spirit reveals itself to us. The sermons, Sunday school, and the people of Incarnation sustain us. The Body of Christ lives in this place.”

That’s only part of the Tench’s Incarnation Story. Say “hi” one Sunday and learn more about this Godly couple.

Rosaline  & Edwin Tench

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