The McLaughlins

We joined Incarnation last year after moving to the Dallas area, having previously lived all over the country and the world, including New York City, where we both met and were married in the Episcopal Church.  Our spiritual journey began many years prior, with Javine as the daughter of a German mother and a Jordanian Greek Orthodox father, while I was raised in a strong Lutheran (ELCA) tradition.  The Episcopal Church was therefore our compromise, with its emphasis on scripture, tradition & reason, the richness of the liturgy, and the connection with Anglicans and ecumenical partners worldwide.

The excellent website and beautiful Gothic exterior brought us to Incarnation that first Sunday in 2015, but the phenomenal liturgy, music, Christian education and preaching have kept us coming back for many Sundays since. Incarnation has taught us how to live our lives in closer connection with our faith, and we frequently talk as a family about the sermons we’ve heard, the message of the gospel, and what we each have learned in Sunday school. We attended the parenting class this past year, and enjoyed learning new ways to pray, say grace, teach and nurture young kids, and grow as parents.     

We are so thankful for having found a spiritual home here in Dallas, and we look forward to furthering our faith journey at Incarnation.

Javine & Scott McLaughlin
JeanLuc (7) & Kian (9)

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