Brooks: Dust We Are and Shall Return

Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks (email)

I often try to figure out ways to allow the season of Lent to be renewed in my heart as the season goes on. We often start out with a bang, denying ourselves pleasures or adding to our spiritual lives when Lent begins. However, too often there is a tool belt filled with wrenches waiting to be thrown into the cogs. This can manifest itself in many ways: getting past two weeks, Spring Break, etc. For me, I find it helpful to center myself with (gasp!) music.

This Ash Wednesday, we led a song in Uptown called “Dust We Are And Shall Return” that those present responded to in an extremely positive way. If you were not able to join us that day, I would like to offer this video of the songs that shows beautiful images with the lyrics, as a way to center our mind and hearts on what this season truly is for…remembering that we are in need of a Savior and by knowing him and preparing our hearts for Easter, God is glorified in us and through us.

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