Classes by “The Rev. Canon Victor Austin, Ph.D.”

Theology of Suffering

Fr. Austin’s lecture focuses on the question: What good is suffering? Sometimes suffering must be endured, because the alternatives would be worse. In the New Testament, it is said that Christ was made perfect through sufferings. There is also sharing in the sufferings of Christ. What do such expressions mean? Is there any sense we can make of suffering?

Moral Rules and Personal Exemptions

What is the status of moral rules? Should they bind us in every case? But if not, how do they maintain authority? Can certain persons give permission to others to break rules? Can one give oneself permission to break a rule? Dr. Austin looks at two very different cases of rules: (a) the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer; (b) the moral prohibition of assisted suicide.

Victor Austin

Friendship: The Final Frontier

Nearly everyone is interested in friendship, yet few people feel they understand it and many wish their friendships were better. The problem, Dr. Austin believes, is that we have forgotten we are called to friendship, not only with other humans, but with God.