Happy Birthday, Uptown!

Fr Bob Johnston
Fr. Bob Johnston (email)

It’s been said that the Great Commission (make disciples, Matt. 28:19) and the Great Command (love God with all, Matt. 22:37) make for a great church. Uptown grew out of this belief and particularly the Great Commission. Incarnation wanted to attract more people in our neighborhood to learn about the grace, hope, and love of Jesus Christ. This was seen as part of a call.

The idea at the time was not to change our traditional services, which have always been so excellent, but to add something that could reach a different group of people and particularly people in the vicinity of the church. All the while, Uptown was to be Eucharistic and draw on our Anglican heritage.

With that goal, Uptown was born on December 12, 2004. It took a tremendous amount of work and prayer to get it off the ground, but God has blessed it since that day. We pray that God will continue to bless it and all of Incarnation as we pursue His purposes. Happy birthday, Uptown!

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