InFellowship is an easy and secure online tool that connects members and regular attenders to the church’s data management system, allowing them  to:

  • Update personal profile and contact details
  • Adjust privacy settings
  • Opt-in to the church directory
  • Search for a Growth Group or interact with your existing group
  • View recent giving history
  • Register for many of Incarnation’s activities and classes

Create an InFellowship Account

  1. Go to the InFellowship New User Registration page.
  1. Complete the required form fields and click Create an Account.
  1. Check the email account you used to create your account. You will receive an activation email that includes a link to activate your account. Click the activation link to complete the process. If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.
  1. A form will display asking for further information to complete the account setup process. This information will provide the church with the most up-to-date information.

Update Your Profile

Now that you have access to InFellowship, you can update your profile. There are two ways you can get to your profile in order to update your information.

Update your profile from your home page

To update your profile from your home page, simply click on the Your Profile option and you will be taken to your profile overview where you can view your current information or update your profile, privacy settings or change your email and/or password. (See area #1 in the image below)

Remember, you have control over every item listed on your profile using your privacy settings. This is set by the individual and not by the church database.

All items with an asterisk are required fields and must have a value.

The progress bar feature will let you know whether or not your information is complete. In order to reach 100%, you must include the following information:

  • Profile photo
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Phone (Mobile, Home and Work)
  • Website URL
  • Social Networks URL (Facebook, Twitter or Linked In).

Once you have entered your information, click Save Changes.

Update your profile from your Account drop-down box

You can also access the same account information by clicking on the Account option at the top of your screen at any time. This will take you to the same information and update options as the home page. (See area #2 in the image below)


Note: Any changes you make to your Profile will affect the information that your Church has on file for you.

Privacy Settings

To access Profile Privacy Settings:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click Account,then choose Privacy Settings, 
    • Click Home and then choose Privacy Settings.
  1. Make modifications to your privacy settings by dragging the green slider bars in each field to the left or right to select the user groups you want to have access to your private information. For example, in the Address field with the slider at Everyone, both Group Leaders and Group Members can see your full address.
  1. Monitor the boxes at the bottom of the page to see exactly what each type of user will see based on your selections. It is an interactive page, so when you change a setting, the page automatically refreshes to show your changes.
  2. Once you have finished editing your profile, click Save privacy settings.


If you decide to opt in, the church directory will become available and allow you to see and communicate with the people who attend your church. If you have not configured your privacy settings or have not visited the church directory before, you will be directed to opt-in first.

Note: Each church attendee must opt in to the Church Directory. Click Account and then Privacy Settings. Locate the Include me in the church directory option and save your settings. When visiting the directory, you will only see other people who have opted in.

Additionally, your name may not immediately appear in the directory. In some instances, your church may need to manually approve your account before you may access the church directory.

When you opt-in to the directory, your name, city, state, and postal code will be included in the directory by default. Additional information is included based upon how you have set your privacy settings. The Everyone option applies to the church directory specifically.

If you are not granted immediate access to the church directory after opting in, please use the Contact us link at the top of the screen to advise your church.