Johnston: Pursuit of Christian Enlightenment

Fr Bob Johnston
Fr. Bob Johnston (email)

In response to God’s love, God calls us to love Him. Actually, He calls us to love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind (Mark 12:30). The mind part leads us into a life of study. There is no final enlightenment here, but a continual journey to understand more of the infinite God and the rhythms of grace that He teaches.

Cranmer’s beautiful prayer in the Book of Common Prayer asks God to help us hear, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest Scripture that we might continually hold to hope.

With a few assumptions made, I think we see St. Paul demonstrating life-long study in the final reading (2 Tim. 4:9-22) of our Last Lecture Series. In verse 13, Paul is asking Timothy to bring his books—surely this included some of the sacred writings. Paul asks for the books even though he knows that the end of life is near. He wants more truth, more hope, and more sustenance to help him all the way to the end. In so doing, he models for us and calls us to also develop great habits of studying God’s Word.

We will undoubtedly discuss this more as we head into the fall and consider the “Deepen” portion of 3D Faith.


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