Methvin: Phone-y Faith

Fr. Greg Methvin
Fr. Greg Methvin (email)

Discovering the power and possibilities of connecting with the Holy Spirit is critical to experiencing the life Jesus promises his followers.

But knowing how to do it in a 4G, high-speed world is difficult.

We know where to find the Holy Spirit:

  • In gratitude for the good things God has brought to your life.
  • In set appointments using the channels of spiritual exercises such as Bible reading, prayer and worship.
  • In trust and obedience during times of testing and temptation.

But how do we make the connection and manage to fit it in to our busy lives? Surprise! Your phone can help. Here are some apps and websites that help me meet and make the most of my time with the Holy Spirit.

    1. Mission St. Clare: provides me with Morning and Evening Prayer. On the best of days this is one stop shopping for me, guiding me in thanksgiving, prayer, confession, and Scripture reading. On the busiest days, I at least read the Scripture and use the collect of the day as a prayer to carry through the day. The website is loaded with music resources to aid in personal worship.

    2. and The Daily Examen is a simple form of prayer to help you drink in God’s love and take inventory of the good gifts God is giving you this day.

    3. Another great Anglican site loaded with simple ways to receive God’s word through Scripture and offer up your own through prayer.

    4. Pandora: A great way to enjoy praise and worship music and give you a taste for how God “inhabits the praises of his people (Psalm 22:3).” Try Hillsong, Matthew West, Contemporary Christian, Fernando Ortega, and Chris Tomlin stations for an Uptown worship flavored experience. Of course, ask Justin for his suggestions.

    5. Check out One Thousand Gifts app for your i-products as another way of noticing the good gifts of God in your life.

What’s important to remember is that God is trying to give great things to and do great things in you and through you by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Don’t miss what God has in store for you!

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