Methvin: True Eroticism

Fr. Greg Methvin
Fr. Greg Methvin (email)

When I began to list the ways that our faith in God feeds and strengthens our romantic life, I was surprised how long the list grew. Due to time constraints, my sermon only included four which left things like forgiveness, intimacy, creativity, and spiritual warfare from even being mentioned. So let me recommend some books where you can continue expanding your own list and experiencing God’s best design for your love life.

For those still on the dating scene, I would encourage you to build a deep and wide understanding of what Pope John Paul II referred to as “true eroticism” where we do not allow our desires to lead us to objectify one another but to see one another as God’s sees, knows and loves us. These books can help you cultivate that kind of love.

    The Challenge of the Disciplined Life: Christian Reflections on Money, Sex and Power (Richard Foster): Not the kind of title that will lead you to curl up by candlelight with the one you love, but a rich and readable work that will help you think about God’s design and intent for your romantic relationship.

    Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connection Between Sexuality and Spirituality (Rob Bell): Always provocative and innovative, Bell will paint a compelling picture of lasting love with a fresh look at the old stories of the Bible and modern couples living them out.

    Real Sex (Lauren Winner): A fresh and honest look at sexual chastity that doesn’t leave the bad taste of legalism in the mouth but a beautiful picture of love in the mind.

For those of us writing our love stories in the context of marriage, I encourage you to continue to be a student of love and relationships for the rest of your life. Here are some helpful resources that continue to bless and empower me as I strive to practice what I preach.

    Sacred Marriage (Gary Thomas): I continue to pull back from the basic premise of this celebrated book, that marriage is designed to make us holy and not happy. But I keep returning to it for spiritual nourishment as each chapter lays out the way our marriages enhances our faith.

    The Meaning of Marriage (Tim and Kathy Keller): Keller brings his bright biblical mind and the raw material of his own marriage to help us think and live more deeply in our marriages.

    Love and War (John and Stasi Eldredge): I was surprised at how honest and open these celebrated Christians were about their own struggles in marriage, and benefitted greatly from their wisdom on how to address their issues. Found great images to help me to fight for God’s best.

God is not in the business of pouring buckets of cold water to extinguish passion from your life. Our passionate God wants to blow on the coals of your heart so that you may know his design for blazing love that will bless you and others. God’s blessings be upon you as you seek His best.

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