Mission Trips & Disaster Relief

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” — Mark 16:15

It was a direct command from Jesus for the early church to carry the good news to other places, and while an individual can only do so much for spreading the Gospel in the world, a church mission program creates an impactful opportunity to live out God’s desire for us as believers.

serve_disasterreliefMission trips offer a unique service experience. You are a part of team, a team of Christians dedicated to transforming towns, villages, individuals, and families by sharing Christ’s love through your hearts and hands. We need people with various skill sets and available time commitments for all aspects of preparation for each trip. We currently have two annual trips to Central America where we have chosen to concentrate our efforts for the greatest long-term impact. We hope you will consider taking this step in your discipleship journey.

One of the most important aspects of a mission trip is the fellowship and connection it creates among the members of Incarnation. Spending time together in prayer and service leads to rich friendships and a deeper connection with God and your church home. If you would like to attend an information meeting for either trip or inquire more, please email Mission & Outreach.


Church of the Incarnation has been going to Belize since 2005 to help better the lives of the enormous percentage of children who populate this tiny Central American country.

Our ministry sends out two teams a year to tackle numerous projects. In February, we help improve the educational opportunities in schools by performing repairs, refurbish dilapidated play yards. Also, we complete any needed construction projects at Anglican Mission churches; we share the Word of God with children through Christian education, related arts and crafts, reading to the children, and worshiping with them. In the summer, we work to provide safe water to refugees communities by repairing water wells.

If you are interested in serving on the Belize mission team, please email Mission & Outreach.

BELIZE February Mission Trip

Recently, we built an Anglican church and continue to explore ways to help it grow and reach the people within the nearby villages. The trip dates are typically late January or early February each year. Commitment for the trip typically happens in October.

BELIZE Summer Water Mission Trip

Our mission: Clean water for remote refugee communities.



Church of the Incarnation has been sending adult mission teams to Honduras since the year 2000. Honduras is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti. Our team provides: Christian Education; construction; and a medical/dental/pharmacy clinic. Spanish speaking skills are helpful, but not required. What is required is a willingness to serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters and to share Christ’s love. The team needs medical doctors, nurses, and dentists to assist in the medical/dental clinic. This is a crucial component to the trip as the people from that area do not have access to adequate medical care. Also, the mission team sets up a pharmacy and needs volunteers to assist with setting up and tracking the inventory. This mission trip typically happens mid to late June each year and commitment is required by March. If you are interested in serving on the mission team or assisting with preparation for the trip, please email Mission & Outreach.



In spring 2015, Nepal was struck by earthquakes that killed approximately 9000 people, injured over 20,000 and caused extensive damage across the country. In 2016, Karma Sherpa, founder and executive director of The Small World, shared his story of the work being done in the aftermath with Incarnation. Contact Outreach to learn more.

Disaster Relief


Unfortunately, natural disasters can strike anywhere, anytime, including our city, state, and nation. We aim to assist whenever we can. When the time is right, we work with organizations and churches to help fulfill the greatest needs as determined by those with feet already on the ground in the affected area. We have served in some capacity in New Orleans, Galveston, Joplin, Moore, Tuscaloosa, Van and Nepal. We will post opportunities to serve in these situations on our site and through our enews. Be sure to sign up for the weekly eNews if you have not already.

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Honduras Mission

For 18 years, Incarnation has served the people of Honduras. Our next mission trip will be in June with a medical, pharmacy and dental clinic, construction projects, and Christian education. Contact Anne Mackintosh to learn about our work in Copán.