RECAP: Belize Summer 2017 WASH Mission Trip

2017-04-01 Day of Service - Mosaic House

We had a safe and successful Water mission trip to Belize in July…thanks be to God!

Our mission:

Clean water for remote refugee communities.

We completely overhauled 2 India Mark II pumps and repaired another by replacing the chain only. Team members were Martha Lang, Craig and Susan Johnson, Fred Jackson, John Monger, Scott and Alice Carruth, Edward and Ann Mercer, Brad Saltzman, and Steve Rodgers.

The first wells we repaired were at Cool Shade by the Baptist Church (150’ feet deep) and Cool Shade by the road (chain only) which took 2 days to complete. Next we repaired a well at Chial (200’ deep) which required 2 days to complete. Both wells were chlorine shocked and appeared clean the next day. We have requested that Rural Development test both wells as soon as possible and then monthly thereafter.

This was another training trip and all members seemed to enjoy the work as well as advance in their knowledge of wells and pump repair. We were blessed to have Brad Saltzman with us again as a supervisor and ‘trouble shooter’, and I think he also feels that our team is making good progress.

Below is a poem describing our work in Belize:


Long hot days of toil in the sun

The work was demanding yet we all had fun.

We learned about tools and following the rules

Tricks of the trade and mistakes others have made.

We struggled with wrenches, ‘snoop dogs’, and pipe

Slips and clamps, nuts and bolts of all type.

The work was safe, 2 wells we did reclaim

Providing clean water in Jesus’ name.

We enjoyed good food and even some wine

Read Morning Office and prayed all the time.

Now it’s goodbye to Oscar and many a friend

Until we return to Belize once again.

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