RECAP: Day of Service 2017 at Mosaic House

2017-04-01 Day of Service - Mosaic House

Saturday, April 1, 2017 was an exceptional day for our annual parish-wide event. Not only did we improve an agency (Mosaic House) for the first time in ten years, and enjoy perfect weather; but we also took buses due to the sensitivity of the location.

Overall, it was a great day and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Thank you to our Champions: Nancy Gienger, Uli Gienger, Sam Kincaid and Megan Rain for months of hard work and planning! Thank you to our 40 captains who managed each of the thirteen larger projects and to 240 volunteers who worked SO hard to made it happen so that all of our projects were completed! Below is a highlight of accomplishments from 2017 Day of Service:

  • Built a pergola, Geodome, picnic tables, storage for residents food, playhouses, and bike racks
  • Trimmed bushes, planted new flowers in several areas
  • Painted all common rooms
  • Decorated ten bedrooms, all common rooms, and staff bathroom
  • Created a playroom from a storage room
  • Improved storage in the office, attic, and several other rooms
  • Improved lighting outside and in the multi-purpose room
  • Replenished Mosaic House pantry with food donations
  • Put together 755 gift bags to support outreach ministries, including Mosaic House
  • Created artwork for two rooms and labeled rooms with signs
  • Residents were taken on field trip to the Perot Museum
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