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Our Children & Family Ministry exists to partner with you, the parent, for the spiritual formation of your family. Our message for parents is the same as that of Home Depot: You can do it. We can help. We can do it together!

What is FaithPath?

One of the ways that we seek to partner with you is by providing age-specific resources to help you raise your child to love and follow Jesus Christ. We have identified 13 developmental steps between birth and launch that are key moments of faith formation. We will be reaching out to you in the month of your child’s birthday for each of these steps, and giving you concrete and actionable resources to help you. We call this initiative “FaithPath.”

What are the 13 Steps?

  1. Preparing for Baptism (newborn)
  2. Praying for Your Child (age 1)
  3. Family Time (age 2)
  4. Praying with Your Child (age 3)
  5. Worship (age 4)
  6. Learning our Liturgy (age 5)
  7. Bible (age 6)
  8. Giving and Serving (age 8)
  9. Preparing for Adolescence (age 10)
  10. Confirmation (age 11)
  11. Purity (age 12)
  12. Teenagers (age 13)
  13. Launch (age 17)

When and How will I receive the FaithPath material?

In the month of your child’s birthday you will receive an email from the church. This email will alert you to the free resource that will be available to you, with your child’s name on it, at the Bringing Faith Home Center right outside the Incarnation Bookstore. This resource will contain the topic that is most appropriate to your child’s developmental stage (see list above). We call these resources FaithPath Guides. Each Guide will contain suggestions, ideas, best practices, and favorite resources for you as you guide the spiritual formation of your child in an age-appropriate way.

What if my child is not starting at the beginning?

You can access any and all of the resources by going to

One last thing…

Seeing all these different steps may leave you feeling overwhelmed. “There is just so much to do! And it is all so eternally important! And I’m so behind! What if I fail? What if I feel like I’m failing already? How can I add even one more thing to our already busy lives, let alone 13?” Feelings like these are almost universal among parents who take the call of Christian discipleship seriously. You are not alone. Start by being intentional today, and trust the past and the future into the hands of the God who loves our children even more than we do. You can do it. We can help. We can do it together.

We are excited to partner with you for the spiritual formation of your family!