Sermons on “Deuteronomy”

Traditional Service, “How Can God Love Me?”

How do we know God loves us? Because he speaks to us — which he didn’t have to do. Lovers, after all, must communicate.

Fr. Thomas Kincaid

Uptown Contemporary Service, “The Distance”

Physical distance is a real thing in our lives…even with modern technology. How do we deal with our physical distance from God?

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Andrew”

Andrew was an ordinary Christian just like us, yet God used him to do extraordinary things? Why is that? How can God use us to do extraordinary things?

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Andrew”

If Peter is the “rock” (Matt. 16:18), Andrew is the pavement. Andrew shows us what it looks like to make a way for people to come to Jesus. Building bridges between people and Christ is key to living and fishing like disciples.

Uptown Service, “Educated in Truth”

Christians have always had a high view of education, because all truth is God’s truth. But for a well-balanced spiritual life, we need to ask ourselves, “Do I have a teacher?” and, “Do I have a student?”

Uptown Service, “It’s Time to Love”

Fr. Joe talks about the first and great commandment: to love God and our neighbors. He explores the difficulty of living into the radical reality of this commandment with our wider culture’s relatively vacuous view of love.