Sermons on “Galatians”

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Learning to love that scary “E” word”

Many of us are understandably reticent about evangelism. Yet, the images of evangelism we have, and God’s description of Christ-loving and Christ-honoring evangelism are very different. Evangelism is all about proclaiming that the kingdom of God is here, both in word and deed.

The Rev. Canon Michael Gilton

Uptown Service, “Free to Relate”

Because we are free in Christ, that freedom shapes our relationships. Relationships enslaved to sin are marked by “glory emptiness,” the constant struggle to seek our worth by comparison to others. Free in Christ, we preach the Gospel to ourselves, giving us courage and confidence to love others as Jesus loved us.

Uptown Service, “From Law to Logos: The Sobering Beauty of Freedom in Christ”

Freedom in Christ is not the type of freedom that we have always thought we wanted. This is a sobering freedom, one that involves full, unqualified submission to the will of another person. But it is also a beautiful freedom, one in which we know we are being guided and formed by the One who created the world and the One who knows us best.