Sermons on “Jeremiah”

Uptown Service, “Three Lessons from Jeremiah’s Life”

Jeremiah was a witness in a context that rejected him. Yet, there are three lessons that we can learn from Jeremiah’s life—that rejection follows Christian witness, that we can pour our hearts out to God, and that God never leaves or abandons us.

Traditional Service, “Disruption”

The disruption Christ brings is sometimes difficult to bear, but always leads to life.

Traditional Service, “A Case of Mistaken Identity”

What do post-WWI Europe, Judah in the time of Jeremiah, and the Romans and Judeans in Jesus’ day all have in common? They all suffered from a case of mistaken identity. Fr. Wheatley looks into the ways we can miss the King of Kings and Lord of Lords with our own cases of mistaken identity in this sermon focused on Christ the King.

Traditional Service, “Dreams of Clouds, Word of Fire”

Is God “at hand” or “afar off?” Jeremiah and Jesus both speak challenging and difficult words for us to hear in our readings today. Fr. Wheatley looks at these words that are “like fire,” and asks whether the God we imagine to be there bears any resemblance to the God who is.