Sermons in “3D Faith”

Uptown Service, “3D Faith: Deliver”

In this final sermon of the 3-D Faith series, Father Bob considers the call to use our gifts to bless others.

Uptown Service, “3D Faith: Deepen”

Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Scates has been on staff at Highland Park Presbyterian Church since 2000 where he served as the senior pastor until June 2013. Dr. Scates, a lifelong Presbyterian, grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. The principal focus of Dr. Scates’ ministry is his preaching. He devotes time daily to sermon preparation and translating Scriptural text from its original language. Dr. Scates is a member of the Board of the World Reformed Fellowship, the Presbyterian Hospital System, the American Tract Society and serves as advisor to the U.S. Lausanne Committee.