Sermons in “It's Time”


Uptown Service, “It’s Time to Love”

Fr. Joe talks about the first and great commandment: to love God and our neighbors. He explores the difficulty of living into the radical reality of this commandment with our wider culture’s relatively vacuous view of love.

Fr. Chris Yoder

Traditional Service, “It’s Time to Love”

Today Christ calls us to love God and neighbor. What we do shows what we love. What do you love?

Ryan Waller

Uptown Service, “It’s Time to See”

If you want to follow Jesus, you have to see him first. Do you see him? Have you ever really tried?

Fr. Thomas Kincaid

Traditional Service, “It’s Time to See”

Just before Jesus heals Blind Bartimeaus, he calls him. Before in St. Mark’s Gospel, the only people called by Jesus were his disciples. Jesus calls us now in this unique moment as a parish—to do what he tells Bartimeaus: Follow me.