Sermons in “Love Thy”

Traditional Service, “Invite Your Enemies”

Wrapping up our four weeks focusing on inviting people to church, Father Thomas asks us why we should ever take the risk of rejection by inviting someone to church. Jesus has a more challenging answer than we might like.

Bishop Anthony Burton

Annual Rector’s Report 2017

Jesus says, “You are the light of the world.” Each of us is entrusted with the message of salvation. In his annual address, Bishop Burton reviews the past year’s accomplishments and reminds us of our on-going vision to be a beacon on the hill for others—to illuminate the world for Christ.

Uptown Service, “Light”

Christians are called to think different. One way we do that is by lifting up and protecting those who cannot protect themselves, regardless of the consequences. The Good Samaritan doesn’t stop to ask if helping the man who had been left for dead is a good idea. He simply sees the man in need and does something about it. And it costs him, dearly. True love always does.

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Rankin

Traditional Service, Guest Preacher Rev. Dr. Stephen Rankin

Dr. Rankin is the author of “Aiming at Maturity: the Goal of the Christian Life” and serves at SMU as Chaplain and Minister to the University. As Chaplain, his passion is helping students, professors and campus ministers engage in thoughtful practices that integrate faith and learning.

Traditional Service, “An Invitation from Another World”

As we begin our four week focus on inviting folks to church, we need to make sure we know what we’re inviting them to. Jesus’ Beatitudes provide a surprisingly aggressive answer.