Sermons in “The Twelve”

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – James & John”

God wants each of our lives to shine with His glory. The lives of the apostles James and his brother John show us how by choosing to be close to Jesus their ordinary lives were over time be transfigured into shiny ones which reflected the love of God to others down thru the centuries. If we are willing to be willing to place ourselves in God’s presence, then, in spite of our flaws, we too can get shiny.

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Judas”

“We like to judge Judas, but what if Judas is no different than you and me? What if he is an example of where we could end up if we don’t pay attention to our own faith and obedience to Christ?”

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Thomas”

The bright line between faith and doubt doesn’t run between believers and unbelievers but through the middle of each of us.