Sermons from “Traditional Service”

Bishop Anthony Burton

Traditional Service, “Ain’t No Grave”

However far you may feel from Christ today, he hasn’t let you go. Even when if you’ve been knocked flat and every way seems blocked, you too shall rise.


Traditional Service, “The Man Who Does Nothing Right”

Jonah is the man who did nothing right. Yet his name tells us he is particularly beloved by God. What’s going on here?


Traditional Service, Guest Preacher – Tyler Witten

Tyler Witten completed his summer 2017 internship with Church of the Incarnation and returns to Duke Divinity School in the fall.


Traditional Service, “Good in All Things”

When life is difficult, it can seem absurd to hear St. Paul say God is working for good in all things. But there’s a sincere way to see the hope of this verse while not discounting the pain of life.

Dn. John Sundara

Traditional Service, “Creation & Our Worship”

Through Christ, all creation was created, and can now be redeemed to worship and glorify God and bless others.