Sermons from “Traditional Service”

Traditional Service, “Call Waiting”

What is God’s call on your life? Has it already passed you by? If not, what should you be listening for?

Traditional Service, “Fear that Opens the Ear”

Explore with Fr. Olver why fear is not all bad, and how learning to hear God’s voice is less about knowing where to find it, than actually coming to know God. “O Lord, I long to desire thee.”

Traditional Sermon, “Christ the Divine Alchemist”

In this sermon on how the Holy Spirit acts in our lives, Bishop Burton explains how, when we see Jesus, we never see him as passive spectators: his touch, like the touch of the Philosopher Stone, changes us.

Traditional Service, “The Heart has its Reasons”

Part of the good news of the birth of Christ is that it demonstrates that God is utterly unpredictable: he loves us so much that he will stoop to any humiliation — and go to any length — to save us.