Sermons from “Uptown Service”

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Andrew”

If Peter is the “rock” (Matt. 16:18), Andrew is the pavement. Andrew shows us what it looks like to make a way for people to come to Jesus. Building bridges between people and Christ is key to living and fishing like disciples.

Uptown Contemporary Service “The Twelve – Peter”

As we kick off our new sermon series, The Twelve: Taking the Word to the World, on the Feast of the Epiphany, we look at Peter. His story is one of him consistently missing God’s showings to him in Christ. How can we not fail to miss the Epiphany in our own life?

Uptown Contemporary Service, “A Journey in Joy”

When Mary left in haste to visit her kinswoman, Elizabeth, she travelled a long distance to share her joy (Luke 2:39-56). On her arrival, she brought true and everlasting joy with her into Elizabeth’s home. Sometimes we think of joy being out there, something we have to strive after and obtain for ourselves. If only we will stop to hear the ring of Mary’s greeting, we will too will hear and see that joy has come to us in Christ Jesus, and all we have to do is receive him.

Uptown Contemporary Service, “As Though Repentance is Good News”

John the Baptist is a crazy man yelling repentance at everyone who passes by. Yet, Luke says that his preaching is Good News. How can repentance be good news? And what is the good news of it this Advent?