Sermons from “Uptown Service”


Uptown Service, “Staying Power”

Great Faith can be measured by great deeds or great knowledge. But this week Jesus applauds faith that lasts. Learn how your faith can endure from this week’s gospel reading.


Uptown Service, “How to Keep Jesus Close”

The most important thing after beginning a relationship with Jesus is to learn how to stay with Him for the long haul. Discover how to do that from this week’s gospel.


Uptown Service, “A Taste of Living Bread”

Is Jesus’ call to “Eat my flesh…and drink my blood” in John 6:51-58 literal or figurative? Deacon Wheatley looks at how Jesus calls us beyond belief to a taste of living bread, a true feast in which Jesus – flesh and blood, God and man – feeds us true food and drink to eternal life.


Uptown Service, “The Dynamic Duo”

In this sermon based on John 6:35, 41-51, Father Bob considers two pillars of the spiritual life: the Sacrament of the altar and God’s revelation. He reminds us that Jesus did not come primarily to meet our earthly needs but to lead us to eternal life.


Uptown Service, “The Mystery of the Manna”

Deacon Paul investigates the relationship between the Israelites’ response to God’s giving Manna in Ex 16 and the crowd’s response to Jesus in Jn 6:24-35. We often respond to God’s mysterious ways of meeting our needs with the same question the Israelites asked of the Manna, “What is it?” Jesus answers this question with a resounding “I AM”: “I am the bread of life.”