Sermons by “Bishop Anthony Burton”

Traditional Service, “Living without Fear”

All things work together for good to them that love God, who called according to his purpose.

Traditional Service, “Easter is a Lifequake”

Easter is just a future promise: it can be a present reality if we are open to God’s power in our lives today.

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Breaking Bad”

Non Christians tend to think that Christianity is moralism and rule-following. It is nothing of the sort.

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Thomas”

The bright line between faith and doubt doesn’t run between believers and unbelievers but through the middle of each of us.

Rector's Report with Bishop Anthony Burton

Annual Rector’s Report 2019

Bishop Anthony Burton examines the motivation for launching a campus in North Dallas and the benefits for both parent and plant parishes to live out Christ’s Great Commission. He also provides a recap of areas of vitality, new initiatives undertaken, and partnerships in the Spirit within the community.