Sermons by “The Rev. Canon Victor Lee Austin, Ph.D.”

Traditional Service, “Can We – Should We – Begin Again?”

If you want to begin again, you can, you can do it any day and every day. Give thanks to God. That thanksgiving will lead you to love, and that love will lead you to action grounded in the hope that is in Christ Jesus, who will come again.

Traditional Service, “How We Forget! And How God Shapes Us to Trust and Remember”

Manna in the wilderness was God’s way of shaping his people (1) to trust in him daily, and (2) to remember him through the shape of the week. In Jesus, God is forming us as his people similarly, to ask him for our daily bread, and to receive Eucharist weekly, so that we don’t forget.

Traditional Service, “Our God Doesn’t Just Talk — He Blows!”

Baptism is the biggest thing because it ties us to God, who is strange. He talks (he won’t shut up) and he blows in human life, propelling us to the end, which he is.

Uptown Service, “The Word and the Baby”

The amazing theology of Christmas is that the author of the story has become a character in the story.

Traditional Service, “Mission Improbable: Conversion of Cornelius”

The conversion of Cornelius is actually the education of Peter, as a result of which we are here today. “God is no respecter of persons; ‘I should not call any man common or unclean’; baptism is available for every human being.”

Traditional Service, “True Independence”

Patriotism—the love of our land, our country, that which is ours—is a good thing, provided it does not usurp our love for Jesus. The Bible shows nations (not mere individuals) coming to Jerusalem at the end times, a view that is, perhaps surprisingly, captured in the final stanza of “O beautiful, for spacious skies.”