Sermons by “Deacon Dorothy Budd”

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – James & John”

God wants each of our lives to shine with His glory. The lives of the apostles James and his brother John show us how by choosing to be close to Jesus their ordinary lives were over time be transfigured into shiny ones which reflected the love of God to others down thru the centuries. If we are willing to be willing to place ourselves in God’s presence, then, in spite of our flaws, we too can get shiny.

Traditional Service, “Singing with Mary”

Mary’s choice to respond to with gratitude in the face of difficult circumstances can show us how to move from overwhelmed to overjoyed, and how to have our spirits magnify the Lord and rejoice in God our savior.

Traditional Service, “Repentance”

To prepare to receive the gift of forgiveness God offers us in Christ we need to soften our hearts and our souls. Turning towards God in repentance and naming our part in the things that separate us from God opens the way for us the experience God’s great love for us in a new and powerful way.

Uptown Service, “Be Ruth and See Ruth”

While there is much we can learn from a Sunday School type reading of the Book of Ruth that urges us to strive to “be Ruth”; there is also much we can garner from a mature reading which invites us to “see Ruth” and the Ruths who live among us. When we delve deeply into the layers of complexity in this ancient text we can emerge with a way to both ‘be Ruth’ and to “see Ruth”. That enriches us and help move us forward on our journey through the Old Testament towards grace.

Traditional Service, “Me?”

Although it seems incredible to us, we are each called to join in Jesus’ mission to ‘proclaim the good news to the poor’. Our impulse is the say “Me?, surely Lord you can’t mean me!” But God does mean us, so fortunately along with calling us to take part in that mission, God also equips us with the power of the Holy Spirit to do our part in it.