Sermons by “Deacon Dorothy Budd”

Uptown Service, “Dry Bones”

If we will invite God into the dry places in our lives there is a potential for growth and new life beyond anything we can imagine. Even where we have given up all hope, God’s good plans for us can be at work in unseen and surprising ways.

Uptown Service, “The Four Loves: Agape”

God’s divine love for all creation is apage. This love is not dependent on our righteousness but constantly invites us all to come into the presence of God’s love for us. Because God’s love extends to us and to all people and it impels us both the respond in love to God’s great love for u ,and to extend our love to others. When our relationships are difficult or triangulated awareness of this undergirding of God’s love can strengthen and heal us.

Traditional Service, “Who’s There?”

All Saints Sunday reminds us that we are saints, that our prayers are joined with the prayers of the saints and come before the throne of God, and that we are never alone on our journey towards holiness. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses composed of everyone from every age who belongs to Christ.

Traditional Service, “Cat People”

Actively engaging in service to others helps us find true connection between our lives and God’s purpose for the world. When we find and serve out of the place where “our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need” we rejoice the heart of God and refresh our lives.

Traditional Service, “Day by Day”

Jesus is the Christ of God and his call to discipleship asks those who would follow him to respond daily to the demands of Christian discipleship. While the challenges of this are great, Gods love for us is also great, and he gives us help as we strive to truly follow him.

Uptown Service, “In the Shelter of God’s Wings”

On Mother’s Day considering some of the motherly images of God and Jesus in scripture assures us of their prefect and unfailing love for each of us. We can all rejoice that we are safe in the shelter of God’s wings and that Jesus’ saving sacrifice covers us with his powerful grace and love.