Sermons by “Fr. Bob Johnston”

Uptown Service, “Finding a New Life”

In his last sermon at Incarnation, Fr. Bob Johnston discusses finding a new life — life from above — based on John 3:1-16.

Uptown Sermon, “The Main Ingredient”

In this sermon based on 1 John 3:14-24, Father Bob considers a main marker of the Christian life.

Uptown Service, “Fifty Shades of Faith”

Father Bob considers the doubts of the disciples when the risen Jesus appears to them and how Jesus helps them and helps us with our doubts.

Traditional Service, “Good Friday: What is Good About it?”

Father Bob considers the terrible injustice and pain inflicted on Jesus and considers how we get to naming the day “Good Friday.”

Uptown Service, “Stand”

In this sermon introducing the Stand sermon series, which is based on Ephesians 6:10-18, Father Bob discusses why we need armor and what it protects us from.