Sermons by “Fr. David Thompson”


Uptown Contemporary Service, “The Baptized Life”

What does it mean for God to say that the Church is Holy, if it is filled with sinners like you and me? Why does God continue to love us even though we sin? The line in the Nicene Creed that says, “we believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church” is not just about what the Church is, but also a declaration about how much God loves his Church.

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Uptown Contemporary Service, “He Spoke Through the Prophets”

God worked through the prophets to point, predict, and prepare people to see Jesus. In looking to Jesus we see the fullness of what the prophets once saw in part.

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Traditional Service “Resurrection: The Daybreak of New Creation”

“On the third day he rose again…” These simple words point us to the greatest hope our world will ever know and see. The Son has risen and we get to behold him in all his glory and majesty in the Resurrection. Are you looking?

Fr. David Thompson

Uptown Contemporary Service, “The Greatness of Jesus Christ”

You hear people saying many different things about Jesus and who he was. As Christians, it’s important to realize that we say the greatest of all: God from God, Light from light, True God from true God, Begotten, not made. If this is not who Jesus is, then God has not come to rescue us himself, as we and our world so desperately need. But if this is who God is, then we have the greatest God and Savior one could possibly imagine.

Fr. DT

Uptown Contemporary Service, “Wisdom Calls: Come and Dine”

Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly, from Proverbs 9, call out for your attention in the streets. One invites you to a feast of life, the other to dine on death. For those who try and walk the way of wisdom, interjections abound on a daily basis. Thank God for Christ Jesus, who, as St. Paul says, has become wisdom for us from God and comes to find us when we lose our way.