Sermons by “Fr. John Sundara”

John S

Traditional Service, “A Sophisticated Idolatry”

Idolatry is not something that people did millennia ago, but something we still do today. We are just more sophisticated about it. Idols however give us broken promises. But the true God gives us something better—his Son’s broken body.

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Uptown Contemporary Service, “A Tale of Two Prophets”

The tale of the two prophets, Elijah and Elisha, is really the story of Jesus and us, where God shows us that he is always God, that he is always faithful, and that he always saves.

Fr. John Sundara

Traditional Service, “Walk By Faith, Not By Sight”

In this world of suffering, we walk by faith that God did not leave Jesus in the grave, and God does not leave us in our suffering. Rather, God has prepared a resurrected body for in heaven. This is what it means to walk by faith, and not by sight.


Traditional Service, “Waiting for God”

Waiting for God
Have you ever waited for God? In our Gospel story (John 20:19-31), Thomas had to wait 7 days before the risen Jesus came to meet him. Why did God make Thomas wait? Why does God make us wait? Our Gospel passage has much to tell us why.


Traditional Service, “That Little Demon Has Got to Go”

The apostle Paul called the breaking of the 10th commandment as idolatry. And this Lent, as we seek to simplify our lives, may we covet less by seeing and hearing less from our idols, and instead look to the Cross of Jesus to see and hear Jesus more clearly.