Sermons by “Fr. John Sundara”

Traditional Service, “The Awkwardness of It All”

The road from Palm Sunday to Good Friday cuts through our own hearts, and demands from us, how far are we willing to pick up our crosses and follow Jesus?

Traditional Service, “Lent and the Magical Journey”

Is Lent just about fasting? Or is there a deeper purpose to our fasting? The story of Abraham shows us that Lent is about learning to follow God on a magical journey. What is it?

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Judas”

“We like to judge Judas, but what if Judas is no different than you and me? What if he is an example of where we could end up if we don’t pay attention to our own faith and obedience to Christ?”

Uptown Contemporary Service, “The Twelve – Matthew”

Matthew was a sinner and a tax collector who became a disciple of Christ. He wrote St. Matthew’s Gospel. But why did so many tax collectors and sinners come and eat with Jesus because they saw Matthew hang out with Jesus? What does this mean for us today as we chase after Christ’s love?

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Andrew”

Andrew was an ordinary Christian just like us, yet God used him to do extraordinary things? Why is that? How can God use us to do extraordinary things?