Sermons by “Fr. John Sundara”


Traditional Service, “Love Did What the Law Could Not Do”

The greatest blessing of Christmas is being adopted into God’s family through the Incarnation of the Son, so that we can experience the Father’s love.


Traditional Service, “Your King is Coming”

Our God is coming back to us. And while we live between the first and second coming of God, we ready ourselves through repentance.

Fr. John

Traditional Service, “Mission Improbable: Appointing of Deacons”

The early disciples were committed to raising up leaders for the future of the Church. And at Incarnation, we are also committed to this same cause. But why is this important?

Fr. John Sundara

Uptown Service, “Three Lessons from Jeremiah’s Life”

Jeremiah was a witness in a context that rejected him. Yet, there are three lessons that we can learn from Jeremiah’s life—that rejection follows Christian witness, that we can pour our hearts out to God, and that God never leaves or abandons us.