Sermons by “Fr. John Sundara”

Uptown Contemporary Service, “The Twelve – Matthew”

Matthew was a sinner and a tax collector who became a disciple of Christ. He wrote St. Matthew’s Gospel. But why did so many tax collectors and sinners come and eat with Jesus because they saw Matthew hang out with Jesus? What does this mean for us today as we chase after Christ’s love?

Traditional Service, “The Twelve – Andrew”

Andrew was an ordinary Christian just like us, yet God used him to do extraordinary things? Why is that? How can God use us to do extraordinary things?

Uptown Contemporary Service, “As Though Repentance is Good News”

John the Baptist is a crazy man yelling repentance at everyone who passes by. Yet, Luke says that his preaching is Good News. How can repentance be good news? And what is the good news of it this Advent?

Uptown Contemporary Service, “In the House of the Lord, We are All Saints”

What does it mean for God to say that the Church is Holy, if it is filled with sinners like you and me? Why does God continue to love us even though we sin? The line in the Nicene Creed that says, “we believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church” is not just about what the Church is, but also a declaration about how much God loves his Church.

Traditional Service “The Breath that Blows Across the Grave”

Why did Jesus say that it would be better for him to go away and instead send us the Holy Spirit? In what way can this actually change our lives?