Sermons by “Fr. Thomas Kincaid”


Traditional Service, “Known”

Human beings have two incompatible desires: To be fully free and to be fully known. The Good Shepherd with his crook seems like an unlikely solution to this dilemma, but there is a way forward.

Fr. Thomas Kincaid - January 29, 2017

Traditional Service, “Invite Your Enemies”

Wrapping up our four weeks focusing on inviting people to church, Father Thomas asks us why we should ever take the risk of rejection by inviting someone to church. Jesus has a more challenging answer than we might like.

Fr. Thomas Kincaid - January 29, 2017

Traditional Service, “An Invitation from Another World”

As we begin our four week focus on inviting folks to church, we need to make sure we know what we’re inviting them to. Jesus’ Beatitudes provide a surprisingly aggressive answer.

Fr. Thomas Kincaid

Uptown Service, “Why Home Field Advantage Matters”

Often we think the Christian life is all about what we do at church or school or in service or, well, anywhere other than our homes. But following Jesus is first and foremost about our life at home.