Sermons by “Fr. Thomas Kincaid”


Traditional Service, “The Man Who Does Nothing Right”

Jonah is the man who did nothing right. Yet his name tells us he is particularly beloved by God. What’s going on here?


Traditional Service, “Good in All Things”

When life is difficult, it can seem absurd to hear St. Paul say God is working for good in all things. But there’s a sincere way to see the hope of this verse while not discounting the pain of life.


Uptown Service, “A Hell of Our Own Making”

What we choose to care about can cause us more pain than we think. Something like Hell can come on earth but we can be freed as well.

Fr. Thomas Kincaid

Traditional Service, “Who Is Our Neighbor?”

Why is the world so broken and what’s God doing about it? Do we have a role in that? And if so, then who do we attend to first? Who is this neighbor God tells us about?