Sermons by “Jon Jordan”

Jon Jordan

Uptown Contemporary Service, “When Telling the Truth Hurts”

Telling the truth is hard enough. Following Jesus’s model of loving the other while telling the truth is even harder. But it is our calling as Christians.

Jon Jordan

Uptown Service, “The Power of Mundane Prayer”

There is nothing more rewarding, both in this life and in the next, than slowly and steadily becoming more like Jesus by learning to pray the way He prayed.


Uptown Service, “The Enchantment of Holy Week”

Jon Jordan is a regular guest preacher at Uptown and leads the “Life Together” Adult Sunday School class with his wife Vivien. He also serves as a theology teacher and Dean of Students at Corum Deo Academy and has recently published the book, “From Law to Logos: Reading St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians.”

Jon Jordan

Uptown Service, “Rightly Ordered Love: Learning to be a Disciple of Jesus”

Jesus is more worthy of our devotion than anything else we hold dear. But how can we learn to embrace this reality?