Sermons on “Christ”

Traditional Service, “Love Did What the Law Could Not Do”

The greatest blessing of Christmas is being adopted into God’s family through the Incarnation of the Son, so that we can experience the Father’s love.

Uptown Service, “The Word and the Baby”

The amazing theology of Christmas is that the author of the story has become a character in the story.

Traditional Service, “Heaven in Ordinary”

Every life is a life interrupted. God could have arranged Jesus’ birth a million other ways. But he was giving us a deliberate sign that he will redeem our lives—with all their imperfections, failures and loose threads—if we merely offer them in faith.

Traditional Service, “Where True Joys are to be Found”

Advent is a time for learning that true joys are to be found in knowing you are infinitely loved.

Uptown Service, “The Messiah Complex”

The key to John the Baptist’s ministry was pointing to Christ. And not being the Messiah.