Sermons on “Easter”

Traditional Service, “Easter is a Lifequake”

Easter is just a future promise: it can be a present reality if we are open to God’s power in our lives today.

Uptown Contemporary Service, “A Perplexing Morning”

In telling the famous Easter story, St. Luke makes sure we know: The women who came to the tomb found its emptiness a problem—not Good News. What does their reaction tell us about our lives?

Traditional Service, “Easter Changes Everything”

For more than a thousand years Christians misunderstood the three most important words in the Easter story. The life-changing mystery revealed!

Traditional Service, “The Ins and Outs of Lions’ Dens”

The figure of Daniel gives us encouragement to work hard in the world, while reminding us that there are always dangers and we must remember that our first allegiance is to God. God vindicated Daniel, even as he later vindicated Jesus, raising him from the pit of death, and even as, please God, he will someday raise us.